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Dr Kathleen Christian discusses the history of the ancient statue ‘the Laocoön group' and its excavation in the Renaissance. Learn more about the work with additional resources.

Kathleen Christian discussing Michelangelo’s Pietà, 1498-99, St. Peter’s, Rome.

Bryony White (Senior Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art) discussing Bridget Riley, Kashan, 1984, National Museum Wales, Cardiff.

Francesca Leoni (Curator of Islamic Art) discussing a Spanish cylindrical ivory casket (pyxis) lid with huntsmen and animals, 389 in the Islamic calendar, or 998-999, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

An Van Camp (Curator of Northern European Art) discussing Jan van Kessel, Decorative Still-Life Composition with a Porcelain Bowl, Fruit and Insects, 17th century, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Professor Gill Perry explores an installation by the British artist Roger Hiorns called  Seizure (2008). The artist poured 75,000 litres of heated copper sulphate solution into an abandoned ground floor flat in South London. Learn more about the work with our teaching resources.

In this short film Dr Leah R Clark explores a Renaissance plaquette, which copies an image of Apollo and Marsyas from an ancient gem. Learn more about the work with our teaching resources.

Dr Clare Taylor explores the design and purpose of this wallpaper whose pattern and colours were inspired by the new movements of the 1960s. Learn more about the work with our teaching resources.

Dr Susie West takes a look at the small medieval church of St Michael and its new life on a university campus.

Dr Renate Dohmen explores a nineteenth-century scrap album, the equivalent of today’s Facebook, created by a young British woman who travelled to British India.