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Images used on this site

All images are used with the owners' permission.

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Les Demoiselles d Avignon Pablo Picasso Museum of Modern Art New York USA, © M.Flynn / Alamy

Sir Joshua Reynolds by Sir Joshua Reynolds, © NICK FIELDING / Alamy (home and explore pages)

Open Resources © The Open University 2012

Project 365 #132: 120514 Super Trouper!, Pete, flickr (home and spotlight page)

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James Butler, Barbican, flickr

Breakdown slides 011 photo by Parisa Taghizadeh, supplied by Professor Gill Perry

Film still of Cornelia Parker and Hele Baker, at the Art, Music & Chance: The Legacy of John Cage (1912-1992) study day, Open Arts Archive

Poster for The First Actresses exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, supplied by Professor Gill Perry


Paul Gauguin 1848–1903 Tahitian Women on the Beach 1891, © Peter Horree / Alamy 

Roger Hiorns.... (see credit from Gill) supplied by Professor Gill Perry

Artist Pablo Picasso. 1971. Courtesy: CSU Archives/Everett Collection, © Everett Collection Historical / Alamy 


James Butler, Barbican, flickr

New Gallery exterior design, Image supplied by Milton Keynes Gallery

John Pearson, National Gallery London, https://www.flickr.com/photos/joneau/14149812553

Arnolfini, Owen Richards, flickr

Artangel: The Concise Dictionary of Dress, Judith Clark and Adam Phillips, 2010. An Artangel commission. Photo by Julia AbramsS 

Baltic: ©Baltic

Edible Eastside: taken from their website ©Edible Eastside

English Heritage: Scarborough Castle, Duncan Harris, flickr

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry City Council, flickr

Iniva, Continuing the Conversation, Iniva 2008

Kettle's Yard, Andy Field, flickr

Mima,  IMG_6233, oinkyliciously, flickr

MK Gallery exterior, © Milton Keynes Gallery

Museum Ethnology Vienna, Iker, flickr 

National Gallery, London, John Pearson, flickr

National Portrait Gallery, IMG_2269, David Boyle, flickr 

New Art Exchange Nottingham, Bend and Flex, Sara Horrigan, flickr

Norwich Castle Museum, Lift shaft and the castle, Leo Reynolds, flickr

Ruthin Craft Centre: Image: 06b_IMB_8217, Ruthin Craft Centre / Caolfan Grefft Rhuthun

Site Gallery Sheffield, art 08 the art images, underclassrising, flickr

Tate Britain, flickr, anonphotography, flickr

Tate Liverpool, Stephen, flickr

Tate Modern, First floor of the Tate Modern, Nathan Rupert, flickr

The Bowes Museum, drgillybean, flickr

The Open University, The Berrill Building at The Open University's Milton Keynes campus, © The Open University

The Royal Society: Ackroyd and Harvey, Crystal Fish, 2005, 86cm x 31cm x 19cm, alum sulphate, (in perspex case), supplied by Professor Gill Perry

Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, The central hall of the Tropenmuseum, © The Tropenmuseum

V&A, Paul Hudson, flickr

Walker Art Gallery Liverpool, Qi-Guang Chew, flickr

Yorkshire Sculpture Park: Barbara Hepworth, Square With Two Circles, 1963 © Jonty Wilde


Film still of Michael Landy at the Michael Landy: Saints Alive, Student Study Day, Open Arts Archive

Film still of Cornelia Parker, at the Art, Music & Chance: The Legacy of John Cage (1912-1992) study day, Open Arts Archive

Film still of Gill Perry talking about the importance of women in celebrity culture in the National Portrait Gallery, film on the Open University Research Impact site

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Ackroyd and Harvey, Crystal Fish, 2005, 86cm x 31cm x 19cm, alum sulphate, (in perspex case), supplied by Professor Gill Perry

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Woman Reading a Letter, Johannes Vermeer, c. 1663, oil on canvas, h 46.5cm × w 39cm × d 6.5cm. Public domain image courtesy of Rijksstudio.