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Le Corbusier Conférencier

Tim Benton

Archival research on the development of Le Corbusier's highly effective lectures between 1923 and 1929. This is completely new research on the origins of the lectures which Le Corbusier delivered all over the world until his death in 1965. The book analyses the nature of Le Corbusier's logic and rhetoric, his use of images and drawings executed during the lectures.

Professor Tim Benton was jointly awarded the Prix National du Livre by the Academie d'Architecture in France for his book Le Corbusier conférencier. Tim shared the prize with Philippe Prost, author of Vauban le style de l'intelligence (Archibooks, Paris). The prix du livre is the most prestigious prize for books about architecture in the French language. An English edition of the book, The Rhetoric of Modernism; Le Corbusier as a lecturer (Birkhauser) was published in 2009. The book is a collection of numerous excerpts, preliminary notes, accompanying drawings, and photographs produced by Le Corbusier for his lectures. It covers the period 1924-1929 and analyses the construction, content and use of verbal and visual aids.