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National and International Perspectives

National and International Perspectives

Session 5 from 40 Years On: the Domain of Design History - Looking Back Looking Forward

Chair: Penny Sparke, Kingston University

Art School, University, Museum and Public Sphere: Finding a space for Design History in the UK today:

Chris Breward, Edinburgh College of Art

Drawing on personal experience this presentation reflects on developments in the study and reception of design history across the educational and cultural sector in contemporary Britain.

Design History in the USA:

Pat Kirkham and Catherine Whalen, Bard Graduate Center, New York

This joint paper begins by outlining US conceptions of design and its study between about 1830 and 1950 and goes on to discuss how US "design history" today takes place in many different scholarly contexts (that often don't go by that title).

From Euro-American to Global Perspectives: a Design Historical Journey:
Jonathan Woodham, University of Brighton

Woodham uses the Journal of Design History to demonstrate the widening cultural and political geography of design history over the past two decades.