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Susanna Brown, curator of Photographs at the V&A, discusses Beaton’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation day. Learn more about the work with additional resources.

Professor Gill Perry explores House - a sculptural installation made by British artist Rachel Whiteread in 1993 and commissioned by the arts charity Artangel.

Sarah Couslon, curator at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, discusses how Hanging Trees addresses issues of borders, land rights and the natural environment.

Dr Anne Pritchard considers how Renoir used a sumptuous blue dress to bring the nineteenth-century Paris art world face to face with modernity.

Susanna Brown, curator of Photographs at the V&A, discusses striking blue nature studies by Anna Atkins, one of the world's first female photographers. Learn more about the work with additional resources.

Dr Susie West explore a Victorian parterre, a 1680s sundial and a monumental altar of 1748, part of 300 years of design in the garden.

Catherine Troiano, curator at the V&A, discusses a pair of photographs of a Sycamore tree by Henry Irving, which highlight photography’s role in both science and art.

Dr Leon Wainwright tackles the issue of meaning and experience around a contemporary artwork by the New Delhi-based artist Sonia Khurana.

Dr Leah Clark reveals the complexities of a small devotional diptych made for the collections of Eleonora d’Aragona, the Duchess of Ferrara. Learn more about the work with our teaching resources.

Dr Judith Jammers discusses how Delacroix combined political realism and Romantic fervour to create what has become the single most familiar image of Revolution.